ClickFunnels Templates – How to Ride on the Shoulders of Giants

ClickFunnels Templates – How to Ride on the Shoulders of Giants 1

I’ve got a ton of Clickfunnels templates that I want to share with you at the bottom of this post, so that you can use the same prebuilt sales funnels that I use inside of Clickfunnels, to enter into their prestigious 2 Comma Club. I’m super excited to share with you the Clickfunnels templates that I’ve compiled, curated and created myself in my journey as an entrepreneur and business owner online.

Model the Masters using Clickfunnels Templates
If you’ve been in digital marketing, or you’ve been exploring internet marketing for any number of hours or days or months, you’ll know that split testing is a massive part of success. One of the biggest answers that I’ve found in my journey of hard knocks and black eyes and crash test dummy experiences, has been to model the masters, to use what’s already been proven.

What happens when you can simply ride on the shoulders of giants? When you can use Sharefunnels— the landing pages, the sales pages, the thank you pages, the webinar funnels, the opt-in funnels, the appointment funnels, the high ticket sales funnels —all of the funnels that you see all the other people on these Facebook groups and online forums talking about their success with?

Clickfunnels templates are an amazing tool to take advantage of! If used correctly, they are going to get you closer to the pen that you’ve ever been before, but they’re not going to do all the work for you. While Sharefunnels can push you toward success, you first have to know how to deploy your offer.

ClickFunnels Templates – How to Ride on the Shoulders of Giants 2


ClickFunnels Templates: Go in With a Plan

If you haven’t noticed yet in your search for Sharefunnels, there’s a lot of stuff. There are a lot of posers. There are a lot of people out there on the internet who are posting videos on YouTube, or hosting webinars, or running a Facebook ad or two that claim to have the silver bullet, the rainbow chasing answer to all of your business problems.

ClickFunnels Templates – How to Ride on the Shoulders of Giants 3

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If you’re trying to get from that zero to six figure mark right now, the most important thing that you can figure out is the idea or the offer that you’re transferring to your customer in exchange for money. That’s the number one thing for you to figure out. “What is the customer’s bleeding neck pain?” as Perry Marshall once said. “What is their problem that they are looking to get help with?” “What is a solution that you can provide on their behalf?” Whatever that might be, you need to figure out the one thing, the repeatable unit, that you can deploy using these Clickfunnels templates I’m sharing with you. In other words, be sure to take control of the Clickfunnels templates, don’t let the Clickfunnels templates tell you what to do.

ClickFunnels Templates – How to Ride on the Shoulders of Giants 4


Clickfunnels Templates: How to Know Your Business First
1. Identify the bleeding neck pain. According to Perry Marshall’s blog, “A bleeding neck is a dire sense of urgency, an immediate problem that demands to be solved. Right. Now.” In order to be successful, your product or service must deal with something negative —pain, a great inconvenience, loss of money, threat of loss —or, on the total opposite end of the spectrum, a craving for pleasure that is close to irrational.

2. Identify the offer. If you’re considering entering a market, the question is, what big benefit will they buy into? What type of deal would they go for in a milisecond? What benefit do you have that they want that your competitors can’t offer?

Perry Marshall’s blog suggests asking these questions:

• What does your product do that nobody else’s product does?
• Why should I buy from you instead of anybody else?
• What guarantee can you make that nobody else can make?

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3. Identify who and where your customer is and where they live online. Small Business Trends says while a website is great and acts as your business’ online branch, it is probably not the best place to get found online. Utilize places online that already attract a ton of traffic that have done the hard work for you. You don’t need to be everywhere. If your prospects are women, try publishing content on Pinterest. If business professionals, get on LinkedIn. Figure out who your prospects are and where they are so that you can go attract their attention, so that you can get them into your value ladder, and so you can ultimately convert them into a customer. And then after you convert them into a customer, have a repeatable unit that you can scale beyond that.


Clickfunnels Templates: Make Them Your Own
Something else I wanted to briefly touch on was make sure you customize these Clickfunnels templates to your own business. I would caution you to not use these Sharefunnels as is. Tailor the funnel content, offers, graphics, even the color schemes to match the business you’re promoting and the prospects you desire to attract. Performance Funnels explains to simply take the principles in Clickfunnels templates and think about how they can be applied to either your business, or any of your client businesses.

My Clickfunnels Templates and Bonuses

If you’re not a Clickfunnels user, that’s totally fine. If you feel like you need a better understanding of Clickfunnels, maybe go back and check out a previous post from my blog. Also, you may actually just need to start a 14 day trial and give all this a test try. And you can follow these share links below to do that, and I am a Clickfunnels affiliate. I do get paid a commission at no extra charge to you when you sign up using one of my share funnel links, or one of my affiliate links. But more than that, I offer a ton of bonuses, and I’m about to show you all of the funnels that I want you to have, but also I want to display what you get also in addition to my ClickFunnels templates when you sign up for Clickfunnels using my link.

I’m not leaving you just with these awesome curated Two Comma Club funnels, but I’m also giving you a bonus suite full, just chocked full, of just brain trust golden nugget, knowledge based training videos and templates, downloadable tools, etc. I’m really fired up about it. I’m excited to share it with you.

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